• The APD modules, which we are working on and have received capital support under the TÜBİTAK 1512 program, enable fast and trouble-free detection of very low light levels in various applications such as laser radar, range finding, data transmission or biomedical analysis. Our modules have been developed as a compact solution. Customers can use this module with different sensor brands and different specifications (bandwidth, frequency, etc.).


  • Our Acoustic Detector project, which we carry out in partnership with Würth Elektronik, is a device developed to facilitate the finding of people trapped under rubble in adverse situations such as earthquakes and mine accidents. This device contains a piezo sensor that can detect sounds that are inaudible to the human ear. The detected sounds are amplified to a level that the operator can hear by using an amplifier circuit. Thus, it offers an efficient and innovative solution to support rescue operations.


  • A laser meter is a device that can perform fast and precise distance measurement using a laser beam. This technology allows obtaining distance information using optical sensors and the principles of reflection or propagation of laser light. In this project, our own developed APD modules will be used to detect the sent laser light and convert it into distance data.