Time-to-Digital Converter 8-Channel

Time-to-Digital Converter 8-Channel

Last Update: 21.12.2023 09:20

Price: $16000 USD + KDV

Delivery Time: 16 week

The Time Digital Converter and Correlation Device, developed for users seeking high sensitivity and reliability, offers an excellent solution for optical time measurement and correlation processes.

  • This device supports a wide range of measurements with 8 time measurement channels, 1 start, and 1 stop channel. In cases where desired, instead of using start-stop signals, it can also operate from the moment the system is powered on. Time data from 8 channels with picosecond precision is stored in memory, and the compressed data obtained through the compression algorithm we developed to overcome high data sizes can be transferred to different devices for correlation.
  • The obtained correlation and time data can be saved to an SD card, USB memory, or a computer via Gigabit Ethernet. This feature provides users with the convenience of rapidly storing and analyzing data.
  • This device is specifically optimized for research laboratories, industrial applications, and scientific projects. It holds the potential for use in various scientific fields including optical systems, communication, medicine, astronomy, and many others.