Acoustic Detector

Acoustic Detector

Last Update: 13.05.2024 17:32

Price: $2500 USD + KDV

Delivery Time: 8 week

Acoustic detectors have been developed in order to hear the voices of people trapped under debris in disasters such as mine accidents and earthquakes and to facilitate their rescue. Sounds are received, filtered and visualized sensitively, and thanks to the headphone output, sounds that people cannot hear can be heard.

  • The Acoustic Detector is designed to facilitate the work of search and rescue teams in situations where individuals are likely to be trapped under debris. Utilizing piezo technology, it amplifies sounds from beneath rubble to a level that would be imperceptible to the human ear. This enables clear identification of sounds produced by individuals trapped under debris, increasing the chances of reaching and aiding the injured.
  • The product consists of two main components: the control computer and the detector. The control computer processes the sound received from the detector through various software processes and transmits it to the headphone output, allowing the operator to hear the sounds. Additionally, it presents the sound signals visually to the user through an oscilloscope software and a touchscreen display. The incoming sound is filtered within desired frequency ranges, eliminating external noise and enabling the operator to hear only the desired sounds. Through FFT and spectrogram features, the incoming sound is analyzed based on frequency, aiding in the identification of the source of the sound.
  • Simultaneously, the operator can record sounds onto a high-quality MicroSD card, preserving data for further analysis. This feature enables the retention of data for future reference.