SPAD Module

SPAD Module

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SPAD is designed for the fast and precise detection of photons. These devices can operate using a "geiger" mode that allows for individual counting of each photon, or a high-speed scanning mode. Therefore, SPADs are often used in low-light conditions and situations where other detection technologies fall short.

A Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) is a highly sensitive optoelectronic sensor that detects light particles at the photon level. By detecting the number of photons and their timing information, it is used in various fields such as quantum physics, laser applications, medical imaging, and remote sensing. SPADs play a crucial role in many different applications by providing accurate and rapid detection even at low light levels. In Turkey, SPAD technology is extensively employed in universities and research institutions conducting quantum studies to comprehend photon behaviors. It can also be utilized for defense purposes by significant institutions like ASELSAN in the defense industry. Furthermore, SPAD modules are widely used in areas where lidar technology is applied, such as autonomous vehicles and remote sensing applications, to achieve fast and precise data collection.